Communication within the industry

Success within the music industry relies upon the ability to network and communicate with peers, colleagues, collaborators and professionals. Whether it’s sending a mixtape to an idyllic endorser or approaching an industry professional about work, the foundational approach taken during this process could be the key to success or the doorway to failure.

When approaching people within the music industry as an entry level member it’s more than likely the case that you, the approacher stand to gain a lot more than them, the approached. For this reason, the WAY in which we approach is THE most important aspect. One should be mindful of self presentation whilst also taking in to consideration the way in which the receiver would like to be approached. When attempting to find a way through this maze, if appropriate, one could be more personal with their correspondents, investigating them via social media and understanding their personality before sending the message. Where possible, it may also be an idea to explore outside of instant messaging and pick up the phone. Vocal tone and impromptu conversational improvisation can reap many benefits and help portray your message in a way that the written word just cannot (much more information is processed via spoken conversation).

The subject of a message should be clear, concise and well planned. It is likely that whoever is being contacted receives such correspondence very frequently and would simply ignore frivolous, wordy messages.