WBL: a little bit of producing

In the modern music industry, the key to success seems to be the ability to function in multiple different disciplines. With music being such an accessible platform in the modern world, to set ones self apart from the crowd, we need to be able to apply ourselves well in multiple areas and provide multiple services. This is down to the job demand in the music industry being much lower than the amount of workers it provides for.

over the past few months, I have been trying to apply my own knowledge of composition and production to other artists. This has consisted of multiple sessions writing, producing and engineering.

This process has provided some huge challenges. Over the course of this project I have had the pleasure of working with several artists. The steepest learning curve for me came in the form of a female singer songwriter. Producing and engineering for her was a huge challenge for me and still is. This particular project has allowed me to work within restrictions that I usually would not have, such as minimal instrumentation and very accurate vocal presentation. Producing and writing with a solo artist who plays guitar has forced me to review my approaches to songwriting and producing relying more heavily on well written music and less so on the, in the box magic that so often is relied on to create music. Modern pop music is very reliant on production style and post processing to achieve a cohesive nice sounding track, by removing this I was forced to analyse the components of songs without the computer music mindset, which has actually led to me develop a wider understanding of acoustic instruments and allowed me to be able to help write much more cohesive instrument parts. So all in all a very useful process.




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